1. Room Reservation

You have to be a registered Music Club Member.

Use your FULL NAME, otherwise your reservation will not be valid, and will be immediately removed.

Reservation limit: 1 Hour / Member, Two hours / Bands, per day.

Whoever Reserves the room has to leave his/her ID at the Music Club’s front desk.

2. Room and Instruments

The room and the instruments are your responsibility.

Use Hand Sanitizer prior to entering the room.

No food or beverage are allowed in the room.

Return all instruments to their respective housing and borrowed items (Jacks, Cables, Picks, etc.) to the Music Club’s front desk.

3. Rules (Warnings)

Breaking or tampering with the Music Club's instruments.

Clutter, trash, wreckage.

Reserving the room and not attending your reservation.

Abusing other members’ time.

Irrational behavior.

If you’re not a Cabinet or Committee member: Sitting for long periods of time in the meeting room.

We also follow Title IX policies, any reported case of harassment by any member will declared to Title IX and expelled immediately from the club.

4. Warning Consequences

1 Warning will ban you from reserving the room for 1 week.

2 Warnings will ban you from reserving the room for 2 weeks and ban you from joining the Committee/Cabinet.

3 Warnings will result in terminating your membership.

5. Committee/Cabinet Eligibility for joining

Less than 2 Warnings and no Dean's Warning.

Any specialty that the Music Club can benefit from.

Any type of experience or music ability (playing instruments, singing, etc.).

Cabinet: Dedication to being a Committee member (entire semester) and proving you’re worth the spot.

If you’re having any trouble with your courses/grades, you will be automatically removed from the Committee/Cabinet for the rest of the semester (It's for your own good).